How to Download Songs on iPhone from Internet - A Super-Simple Guide

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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Just Shazam’ed a super-cool track or recalled a song you were crazy about 5 years ago? Of course, you want to download this track and put it on repeat. Let’s see how to download songs on iPhone from the Internet in 2 clicks! 👌🏼

You all know — there are 1000s of music downloader apps or websites. They all can help you download songs on iPhone from the Internet. But are they any good?

Not so much.

Most of them look untrustworthy. Moreover, they are likely to contain viruses or other bugs which can harm your computer (and an iPhone as well).

Good news: nowadays, it’s possible to download songs from 50+ websites (even from YouTube) using 1 simple app.

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So how to download MP3 songs on iPhone?

A few years ago Softorino dev-team created SYC 2 a.k.a. Softorino YouTube Converter 2. The app helps you download music (and videos, of course) from YouTube and 65 more sources – straight to your iPhone.

You’ve got it right: with SYC 2, you can even download videos from Instagram and Facebook. And Vimeo. And Animal Planet. And the Japanese video websites.

It requires no iTunes sync (and actually launching iTunes) and is designed both for Mac & Windows computers.

Such a sweet story, isn’t it?

SYC 2 helps you quickly download content from YouTube directly to your Apple device without downloading it on your computer first. This is cool if you don’t want to fill a computer with odd stuff.

For $19.95, you get a lifetime license with 24/7 tech-support and convenient user experience.

How does this work?

Okay, let’s see how to download songs in iPhone 6, 7, X or whatever. SYC 2 is compatible with all the iPhone models (even the first ones). It also works for all iPod and iPad models.

So first off, download SYC 2 on your computer for free. You will get an unlimited 24-hour trial. After this, you can decide if you want to continue using the app.

Then comes the very downloading process. Launch the app and follow the next quick steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a computer.

Use a USB cord for it. When connected, tap “Trust this device” on an iPhone.

[🤓 In case you didn’t know: SYC 2 also supports Wi-Fi Connectivity — this function works if you have both your devices connected to the same network. Thanks to it, you can transfer music wirelessly. Remember that you can enjoy this option after you used a USB cord to connect your iPhone and a computer.]

Step 2. Search for a song and add it to a Queue.

Here, you can use an in-app search or simply copy a link for a song from YouTube. SYC 2 will automatically fill it in and add a song to a Queue for downloading.

Of course, YouTube is safe and one of the most popular online services.

Additionally, there are tons of high-quality audio files so you can find almost any song you want there.

Step 3. Choose a format and where to transfer a file.

Click on the ‘Audio’ icon and then choose its quality: the original, MP3 or AAC. Then, choose a final destination of a file: this can be your computer, an iPhone/iPod/iPad or iTunes Library.

Step 4. Hit the ‘Convert & Transfer to iPhone’ button and wait for it!

In no time, a song will appear on your iPhone. It’s now in the default Music app. SYC 2 automatically identifies the type of a file and pushes it to the relevant app.

That’s it! No other third-party apps and even no iTunes are required (basically, SYC 2 won’t work if iTunes is running). This is how to download songs on iPhone in 2019.

By the way, did you know that you can even transfer the whole playlist at once? Let’s read on how to do that!

How to download songs on iPhone as a playlist

There are two possible cases:

  • you can download a YouTube playlist (already created by smb)

  • create your own playlist on YT or wherever possible

Okay, now let’s start with each of them.

CASE 1. Download an already existing playlist

Depending on the number of songs, the whole process can take up to several minutes. For instance, the VEVO “Top 2019 Songs” with 100 tracks landed on my iPhone in 2 minutes. 🤟🏼

Let’s find out how to do that. First things first, launch Softorino YouTube Converter.

The following steps are quite similar as if you downloaded only one song. Still, there’s a difference.

Launch SYC 2. Connect your iPhone. Copy the link.


You may use an in-app search. Type in the name of a playlist. Next, open the playlist and then choose “Add to Queue”.

Finally, SYC 2 will automatically add the whole playlist (as a single file) to the Queue. The next steps are also the same — choose the quality, click on an iPhone icon and hit “Convert & Transfer to iPhone”.

If you don’t like any of the YouTube playlists, why not create your own?

CASE 2. Create your own YT playlist and download it

It’s very simple if you have a YouTube account [who doesn’t have it yet?🤨]

Search for any video > click on the 3 dots on the right > choose ‘Add to Playlist’ > locate a video into a playlist by clicking ‘Create a new playlist’.

Done! And, although you already know how to download MP3 songs in iPhone, let’s review how to download a YouTube playlist.

Copy a link for a playlist directly from YouTube website or use an in-app search. Then, add the playlist to a Queue. Choose the quality and click on an iPhone icon. Finally, hit “Convert & Transfer to iPhone”.

In few seconds, the playlist appears in the default Music app. That’s it! Now you know how to download songs on iPhone from the Internet quickly and easily. And yes, no iTunes required!

You can download music in iPhone from 66 various web-sources. The full list is available directly in Softorino YouTube Converter 2:

Wrapping up

Today, I showed how to download music on the iPhone from the Internet. Hope this article was useful. Do you use any other similar apps? Streaming services? Tell us everything. ✌🏻

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