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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

How You Can Download 2-hour long YouTube Videos in MP3 in Minutes!

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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

Softorino is back with a new pack of cool insights! Today, you will discover how to download long YouTube videos faster than your popcorn is ready💥

You might think that downloading long Youtube videos is a no-go:

But I’ll prove it right now: downloading long YouTube videos is doesn’t have to be a big deal for anyone including you.

If you still don’t know beans or just a newbie to YouTube downloader arena when it comes to videos, let me tell you that there’s a Softorino YouTube Converter app ready for you. It’s a new tool that will help you download long YouTube videos much faster.

You know what even makes this cool? You can transfer the YouTube video you want to your iPhone. Curious? Read on!

How to Download Long YouTube Video files into iPhone

Softorino YouTube Converter is a macOS and Windows friendly app. It can help you download long YouTube videos in no time.

As a matter of fact, it can help you download YouTube media to convert it MP4 even if it’s longer than 2 hours. By the way, this MacStories review confirms that SYC is a must-have for any YouTube lover. So if you're skeptical about the SYC, the review will show you it's got the reputation.

Thanks to SYC, you’ll save a lot of time when you download long YouTube videos because when you use a plain video downloader or try the services from various websites, it will take you up to an hour (or even more) to get a film on your device. It’s like you missed a whole episode already!

The time that’s been wasted includes downloading, syncing and other things that wouldn't matter much to you. But with SYC, it will only take a couple of minutes! You can pretty much see that the SYC is a great YouTube video downloader that can surpass all the others.

Now, you're ready to move from theory to practice and give this savvy YouTube video downloader a run.

Step 1. Download the app & Connect your iPhone.

Before you can download long YouTube videos, you'll need to first download the app with the button below.

Softorino YouTube Converter Logo Softorino YouTube Converter 2
Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher
Latest Version: 2.1.14, 24 January 2020
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.2.37, 26 February 2020
Free Download

the ultimate way to download 2-hour long YouTube videos

After you download the app, you can use it for free during 24 hours. This means you can try the app out before you buy it.

Next, open the app and head to Preferences. From there, make sure to enable Wi-Fi and connect both your computer and an iPhone to the same network.

Awesome! Now you can download videos via Wi-Fi.

You don’t even need to use a USB cord. (But if you’re the type who likes wired connections, don’t worry, you can still use a USB cord to connect).

From there, make sure to select the preferred device where you want to save the video: your desktop, an iOS device, legacy iPod or even your iTunes Library. For now, pick your iPhone. When you see that your iPhone is “Connected”, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2. Search for a video & add it to the Queue. Choose Quality.

Add your video to the queue and download

In Softorino YouTube Converter, you have the option of pasting the URL of the video from a browser or you can use the built-in searcher in the app so you don't have to leave the app. Once you've got the YouTube video you want to turn to MP4, you can choose the quality of it (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) before you download it. Heck, even the HD quality is supported too. After all, who on Earth won’t like watching seamless high-quality videos?

Step 3. Click ‘Download & Transfer to iPhone’.

Once you’ve set up all the details of the file, click “Convert & Transfer to iPhone”.

A few moments or so, you’ll know that download is complete after you hear a short tone.

Afterwards, go to the Videos app or TV app on your iPhone to find the long YouTube video there and watch it with no restrictions on quality and length!

Pro tip

It’ll come as a surprise to know that you can queue and download multiple long YouTube videos too. Yes, that’s right: SYC lets you download and convert multiple videos at the same time. That means when there are some cool shows, movies and other videos that you just want to have all at once, you can queue them all up, get the qualities, convert them, and watch all of them to your heart’s content!

look for your 2-hour long video in the TV app

Also, while there's YouTube in the name of the app, Softorino YouTube Converter can even download content from other websites such as Vimeo for example. To make this even greater, SYC can download media from more than 60 (!) sources.

The list includes the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Discovery, etc. By the way, there are even some Japanese web-sources so if you fancy some great videos from them that YouTube doesn't have, the SYC can help you get them.

Interested? Then go on and read a post about the top-15 sources, supported by SYC!

You know what else makes this cool? There’s no need to sync files with iTunes. You just choose a video from YouTube and download it. Directly. To. iPhone. 😱

Let’s sum up all the essential features of this YouTube Converter:

  • Instant downloads & great speed

  • No iTunes syncing

  • Support of any Apple gadget

  • Simple user experience

  • Minimalist interface

How to Download YouTube Videos Longer than 2 Hours to MP3

As you’ve just learned earlier, when you launch the app and proceed to download long YouTube videos, SYC offers you to choose a format and the duration of the videos. But don’t think it’s all about the moving images: you can also extract audio out of long YouTube videos.

How? Below, you’ll see how SYC can download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 longer than 2 hours:

You can convert long videos even to MP3

So it’s as simple as following the steps we laid out for you above but instead of converting it to video, you just simply select “Audio” and “MP3”. Aaaand that’s it! Now you can download and convert long YouTube videos to MP3 that are over longer than 2 hours.

But where will you find your songs when you've transferred them? In the Music app, of course!

SYC is smart enough to direct your content to the relevant default app. This means you won’t have to look for books or PDFs in Camera Roll or else. They will go to iBooks.

Now you see that downloading long videos is faster than ever!

Thanks to Softorino YouTube Converter, you will be able to download huge videos in a couple of minutes. You may also convert them to MP3’s or ringtones if you wish.


Yes, you got it right! This YouTube video downloader can do it.

It’s true, Softorino YouTube Converter can turn ANY YouTube video (as well as Vimeo, SoundCloud content, etc.) into a ringtone.

You even get the choice of either keeping the whole size of a ringtone or trim to the first 30 secs. So yep, if you have a thing for making longer-than-2-hour videos into ringtones that’ll make you unique among your family and friends or go for the usual ringtone length that has some great dialogue when you’re being called or texted, you’ve come to the right place.

To get started, just choose the needed options in the app before you begin the download.

Convert any video to an M4R ringtone

When you’re finished, go to Settings > Sounds – Ringtones. You’ll see them above the default sounds.

The whole process is as simple as possible. You can even teach a donkey to do that!

Bottom Line

With Softorino YouTube Converter, you can download long YouTube videos faster – it saves your time. In just 2 minutes, all the YouTube content you want will appear on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. With no preferences for the model and no size limitations.

But make sure your device’s memory isn’t full, all right? 😉 You can't download long YouTube videos if there's no storage for them to be stored in.

Besides the great feature of being able to download YouTube videos and choosing the quality and duration for the files, the beautiful design and comprehensive UI of Softorino YouTube Converter will be a pleasant bonus.

Well, that’s pretty much it! If you’re craving for simplicity and want to download YouTube videos easily, then Softorino YouTube Converter is for you.

And, if you have any questions concerning the app, let us know, and we’ll assist you 24/7. Enjoy your Softorino YouTube Converter experience!

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macOS 10.10 and higher

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2.1.14, 24 January 2020

2.2.36, 31 January 2020


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