Updated: 15 March 2017

The Fastest YouTube Downloader of 2017 for PC and Mac (speed test results)

The fastest YouTube Downloader is...(drumroll) – Softorino YouTube Converter. This is a Mac & PC application to save videos from web to desktop or iPhone & iPad.

Josh Brown


Be sure – Before writing this article, we conducted numerous speed tests. One of them we even published here. (Keepvid vs Softorino YouTube Converter speed test results).

After downloading LOADS of YouTube content and testing out DOZENS of fast YouTube video downloaders & converters, we're ready to name the winner. The winner – Softorino YouTube Converter. This application is the fastest YouTube downloader. Its downloading speed surpasses all the alternatives. (Of course, it depends on the machine you're using. And generally Mac version of the app appears to be faster.)

Video Guide: How to Download YouTube Videos Fast

Hit 'Play' in the promo video below just to see how to quickly download YouTube videos to iPhone or computer. Also, right below the video we will conduct an experiment & download the whole playlist of 10 videos and measure the time!

There are myriads of apps that call themselves the best YouTube downloaders. However, they often resemble each other. On the contrary to other YouTube downloaders, Softorino YouTube Converter is the only app that pushes videos to iPhone & iPad.

Here's how to use the fastest YouTube downloader of 2017:

Many of us would just love to download video from YouTube to our iPhones. This is how we could play it offline whenever we need this. Everybody has the videos he would like to have “in the pocket”. Now-a-days direct downloading of videos from YouTube to iOS Devices is only possible with the application, mentioned above. And now you have all the sources to turn this hair-pulling process into a very speedy one. Because we can assure you: this application is the fastest video downloader you can possibly find.

So, if you want to save any YouTube video to your iPhone, there is a troubleless way to get this done.

Step 0. Download YouTube Video Downloader by Softorino.

Click on the green button below to download Softorino YouTube converter. The download is free and safe.

Download YouTube Converter
Opens in a new tab

The installing of the this fast YouTube downloadr is easy. Just go through the wizard and let it set up the app on your Mac & PC. After this you can proceed to the next step of the guide.

Step 1.  Start the application & plug-in your device.

If you wish to save YT videos to your computer, then you may also skip this step.

Launch Softorino YouTube Converter – one of the fastest YouTube videos downloaders on Mac/Windows

Use the standard USB cable to sync your gadget with your computer. The next task is simply to launch the fastest YouTube video downloader you’ve ever seen. Ready! Steady! Go!

Step 2. Go on YouTube & copy video's URL.

Just to make it all more fun we prepared a little more difficult task here! I'm on a Mac right now, and we will download the whole playlist of 10 videos in total by copying its link! These are Ted Talks videos on Social Issues. 

Copy URL of the desired video

Copy the link to the clipboard (just like it's shown on the screenshot) and you're good to go! No need to paste the link, the application will quickly pull the link on its own. The playlist takes up 1,2 Gb and now we will also measure time :) 

BTW. Windows version of YouTube Downloader does not support playlists yet. But it's the same slick application to download YouTube videos fast as its Mac counterpart!

Step 3: Hit 'Download to iPhone' (or computer) button!

Select where you want to save the file (your Mac or iOS device). Then click on 'Convert and Transfer to iPhone' button. So now we're gonna prove how just ridiculously fast this YouTube downloader can be! These 10 videos in the sum take up 1,2 GB (you can see this in the app's window). That's pretty solid for YouTube videos. 

Select the preferred quality settings

Also, you will see a progress bar show up in the bottom of the application just to keep you updated on how much files left to download. Now, so that you won't forgot this, here are just some of the features that this fast YouTube video converter has:

  • download YouTube videos to Mac/PC fast 
  • save videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (the first app to do this!)
  • extract sound from video & download it as an MP3 file
  • simplistic UI
  • download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Instagram
  • download entire YouTube playlists on your Mac :) 

Anyhoo, we still will measure the exact time it takes to get these 10 videos to iPhone. Rest assured, you're gonna download YouTube videos faster than you think!

Click on Convert and Transfer to iPhone


The results: it took us  1 minute 33  seconds to download the whole playlist (1,2 GB).

Sure thing, the results are quite subjective since it all depends on Internet connection and on your system configuration. BUT! It was unbelieveably fast for a YouTube downloader, right? Once the progress bar disappears – you can view any of your YouTube videos on the screen of your iPhone. Find the file in the playlist of the standard Apple video player, or if you're on iOS 10.2 or later – go to the 'Home Videos' in Tv.app

The competition is tough, but due to its numerous features and nice speed, this tool is rated to be one of the best YouTube downloaders on the market. Think of it...the tool is second to none and able to get dozens of videos in just a minute to your iOS device. If you are now convinced, that this is a safe & legit solution (and it is), just give it a shot right now and Download this fast YouTube downloader here

iPod TV.app

You can see for yourself and test whether this tool is the fastest YouTube video downloadr among other alternatives. Whatever is the result – just hit us up in the comments here, we'll reply right away. The quick way to download YouTube videos will grant you the ability to watch all the most popular YouTube videos anywhere, anytime you wish! And who doesn't want that?:) 

Download your favorite vlogs, stream recordings, film trailers, music videos, and many more hot movies just in a couple of seconds. The best part? You can access all the downloaded videos from your default applications! This is much more convenient and much better for your device as well. All third-party players aren't designed to use the gadget’s resources the most effective way possible. That’s why the battery life becomes lower, the battery charge is being wasted. And the quality of the picture shown by this player is not on the peak of abilities of your device. Native video player does this all much better. It uses all the resources properly. That’s why Softorino YouTube Converter is specially adapted to work with this kind of software.

The Takeaway:

Softorino YouTube Converter is also an alternative to YouTube Red – paid subscription service launched by YouTube. With just Softorino YouTube downloadr you can kiss goodbye to all the ads and glitching. Moreover, you can convert videos into MP3s and listen to them as regular audio files on your iPhone. Read how to listen to YouTube Music using the Best YT MP3 Downloader.

Though Softorino YouTube Converter is designed to be extremely simple, fast, and user-friendly, there are still may be the cases when you need some piece of advice or the professional consultation about the program and its abilities. In this case, feel free to conatct our customer support team. The CSS guys are online 24/7 and are always ready to help you out. Ask them whatever you want to know about the converter, and they will answer you in the shortest possible time.

According to all our experiments, Softorino YouTube Converter is the fastest YouTube downloader of 2017. It will download any YouTube video to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad literally in a few seconds. No complicated and “heavy” converters needed anymore. And you don’t need to use iTunes for downloading this kind of content to your gadget.

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