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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

How to delete ringtones from iPhone [Stupidly-easy way]

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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

Learn the best way to delete ringtones from iPhone for good! Best of all, there’s no iTunes required.

Dear iPhone users, prepare yourself for the crucial moment in the Apple history! [Drumroll begins]

iRingg’s new ‘delete ringtones’ feature is finally live! 🎉

[Fireworks explode, glittery paper rains from above, the crowd goes wild]

What does this mean?

As human beings we love to customize every little piece of our lives – home, clothes, even our smartphone. And Apple gives us an easy way to change a case or a wallpaper. But it was always hard to set a new ringtone – or remove it.

In the older days, if you wanted to delete ringtones from iPhone you had to launch iTunes, connect your device, select Tones and sync your iPhone. Which was pretty hard.

The problem is – now iTunes does not let you remove custom ringtones, unless you bought them in iTunes store. You can still browse tones in iTunes, but there’s no way to delete them. This MacRumours thread proves that this is a huuuuuuge isssue.

iTunes doesn't remove custom ringtones from iPhone

So how do you delete ringtones from iPhone?

At Softorino we developed new ringtones creator – iRingg (it got positive reviews from Cult of Macand many many reputable press, btw). It’s literally the same to the ringtones niche what Beyonce is to music. It’s a simple app that helps you create unique ringtones & push them on iPhone in 1-click.

iRingg also deletes all custom ringtones from iPhone without iTunes. In a snap.

After we released iRingg – it was so easy to create ringtones, that eventually our users got more ringtones then they have contacts! So we decided to implement a new delete-your-ringtones feature.

How does it work?

It as simple as ABC. Follow the quick instructions below.

  • Launch iRingg

  • Then connect your iPhone

  • Navigate to “Tones” tab

  • Select a ringtone you want to remove.

with iringg you can easily delete any custom ringtones

Tip for a pro

You don’t have to plug your iPhone in every time. Simply connect it via Wi-Fi by going to Preferences in the menu bar. From the list choose your iOS device. Right away iRingg will recognize your device via wireless networks.

You should know that iRingg is a paid app & it comes with a free trial. But the ‘delete ringtones’ feature is free to use even after your trial expires. So there are no strings attached – go ahead and download iRingg for free. 🙂

How do I create amazing great ringtones with iRingg?

Ringtones are the greatest thing since jelly and peanut butter. They are fun and chill. You have the freedom to make them silly and joyful – or dramatic and balanced. With iRingg you can create any ringtones that will match your mood best.

How to create unique iPhone Ringtones:

  1. Connect your iPhone (via Wi-Fi or USB)

  2. Select a track in For You section. Or search for any song online.

  3. Trim + add effects

  4. Click “Export to iPhone”

  5. Head to the Settings > Tones & select your new ringtone!

create a new awesome ringtone for iPhone

iRingg is powered with 6Sense technology. That said – it literally reads your mind. In “For You” section iRingg suggests tracks that you already listen to.

This is done with the help of machine learning technology that surveys your local music library and the streaming services you’re subscribed too. (Just in case – don’t worry we don’t store any of your data. It’s all kept on your computer!)

What if you want to convert a specific YouTube track into ringtone? This has never been easier now! Simply go to “Search online” tab in iRingg and type the name of the song.

The app immediately will pull the search results from YouTube and SoundCloud. You can preview the song and select it right afterwards.

Wanna make your song truuuuuuuly special? Say no more. You can record your own 15-sec voiceover – or add fun sound effects that nobody else has. In seconds – you will create unique iPhone ringtone in the entire universe.


All the coolest kids in the 2000-s had plenty of custom ringtones, be it “We will rock you” by Queen or “Freestyler” by Bomfunk MC. You could quickly choose a desired jingle and show it off in front of your stunned friends. Now creating ringtones is even easier than that!

With iRingg you can create 1000000s of ringtones – and remove them just as fast! All you need to do is simply to navigate to “Your Tones” tab and select all tracks you no longer need. iRingg will then delete ringtones from iPhone forever and ever.

Even in 2018 ringtones can be a great fun! And it takes just seconds to create your new perfect ringtone.

Got questions? Write a comment or ask us on Facebook!

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