Updated: 3 March 2017

​​How to Transfer Video to iPhone without iTunes (2 Steps!)

Transfer Video to iPhone Without iTunes! If you'd like to know how to transfer media to iPhone without syncing or quality loss and in just 30 seconds – this article will demonstrate the easiest workaround!

Josh Brown


The standard way to transfer video to iPhone is to use iTunes sync. But hey – you should agree with me, now iTunes sync is not the best way to transfer files from one device to the other.  Many would even claim iTunes in 2016 got obsolete.  Not because iTunes was released a decade ago – no. But because it was released a DECADE ago, and it still stays buggy and bloated.

Even though it was at the forefront of the software field, a real epitome of a good application when it was launched – nobody can hardly rate it this high right now. And if you’re a Windows user – you know this better than anyone else.

That’s why here we'll show a way to bypass iTunes and put video on iPhone without a hitch. A quick demo video displays the process right here:

How to Transfer Video to iPhone without iTunes – Video Guide

What is WALTR?

To transfer video to iPhone you’ll need just 30 secs of your time and WALTR application. Now you're probably wondering what WALTR is and how this overall workaround is better than iTunes sync. Well it's better because the application has only one goal – simplify transferring of any file type to iPhone or iPad or even iPod, whilst iTunes has tons of functions & features (which makes is THAT puzzling). 

On the contrary, WALTR 2 is basically a universal drop-zone that lets you push ANY Content (music, videos, eBooks) to ANY Apple device. You just drag it and drop. Regardless of the file format. WALTR was released more than a year ago, and after a couple of months it already got 100K downloads. 

Download WALTR 2 for FREE
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So go ahead and try it out yourself by hitting the button below. The download is safe & free!

How to Transfer Video to iPhone Without iTunes

I assume by this time – you’ve already downloaded the application to your HDD, so all you have to do is to install it.  Then proceed to the next step!

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

A usual USB cable fits just perfectly.

If you don’t have the patience to use the cords, WALTR 2 lets you add video to iPhone cable-free just as well. But to enable the feature you still have to plug-in your iPhone first. Once you connected it, click on the gear in the bottom right corner of the application and select 'Enable WiFi Connectivity'. That's it!

How to Transfer Video to iPhone without iTunes

Step 2: Drag the desired file into WALTR.

The best part: you can push any media file in any format into WALTR (+eBooks). This means that formats like MKV, AVI, WMV (that iTunes can’t read by default) are all supported.
Even lossless music format like FLAC is 100% covered.

WALTR 2 Transfers video to iPhone in 2 steps

Once you drag the  files into WALTR, they all will be transcoded on-the-fly and you’ll be able to quickly open them in your Home Videos/Music folders.

Grab your iPhone, launch Videos app

Step 3: Play your file on iPhone.

It’s already there.
As soon as you see the bar filled up, march to the Home Videos on your iOS device and find the files saved all there.

I'm sure you are already impressed – but trust me, that's not everything WALTR is capable of! The application has the whole legion of practical and captivating features! 

A Short Roundup of WALTR 2 features:

  • WiFi support. If your device and computer are connected to the same Internet network, you’d be able to transfer video to iPhone wirelessly. (in beta).
  • ACR (Automatic Content Recognition). This means the app will recognize all the artworks and other necessary info like title, genre, episode description. 
  • WALTR 2 works with the entire lineup of all the iPods released by Apple since 2001. (including Classic series)
  • Manage your eBooks & PDFs with WALTR 2. Now you can transfer video to iPhone and also text or music files.

If you’re a Mac user, perhaps you don’t experience this overwhelming pain whenever iTunes is launched, so you might think I’m exaggerating here. But on Windows it’s just a different story, since iTunes is slower and can crash anytime. 

On top of this, it’s difficult to navigate (probably, all these tabs were supposed to make it easier, but somehow they don’t) and you can sync only one device with one iTunes library, otherwise – be ready for your files to get deleted. The last point is especially painful. Why on earth should all my media files collection be erased from iPhone, if I just use my working computer to add video to iPhone, for instance?


 WALTR 2 is the f@cking best way to transfer video to iPhone without syncing the whole device, which we know well – can last forever. There are no format impediments, no quality loss, nothing that can confuse you. WALTR is amazingly simple, it can't get anymore easier, since it's just a drop zone. You just throw music & video of any kind – and voila! It's there, on your iPhone. 

And it's 100% worth to try it out. if you are sceptical, go ahead and try it out: WALTR 2 download. There are no strings attached. 

Transfer Video to iPhone
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