You can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding WALTR HEIC Converter below.

Nothing happens when I drop my HEIC photos into WALTR HEIC Converter!

Sometimes you may encounter an issue when you drop HEIC files into WALTR HEIC Converter, and nothing happens. This may occur because your HEIC files are indeed JPEG files. 

To fix this, rename the file extension to .JPG and they will open fine without even converting before-hand.

Is there an easier alternative?

Sure! If you are using a Mac computer, then good news – a workaround is built into macOS. 
To convert HEIC into Jpeg natively, create an Automator workflow and in the Photos category – select ‘Change type of images’. As a result, there’s no app needed. If you’re on Windows, you are stuck with using an external converter, such as WALTR HEIC Converter.

Is Apple planning to make HEIF/HEVC as an open standard?

Not yet but no doubt it’s a better format for lots of things so we can expect it to be adapted by the entire World very soon.

First off – you should know that HEIF/HEVC was not created by Apple. It was created by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) for purpose of being used as a format that has more superior attributes compared to JPEG.

HEIF has been around for quite a while now and Apple is just the first to support it widely. **Update – in the update for Windows 10 released in April – you are now able to open HEIC photos in the Windows 10 Photo app. Though, it lacks many features.

How To Stop iOS 11 From Saving Photos/Images In .HEIC/.HEIF Format

Apple allows you to choose the desired format you would like to share your files as. You can choose whether to save it as HEIC or JPEG in the Settings app of your iOS device.

Here’s what you have to do…:

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings > Photos
  2. At the very bottom, locate “Transfer to Mac or PC”
  3. Select “Automatic” (JPEG) or “Keep Originals” (HEIC)

Depending on what you select, this will be the format in which the photos will be transferred when you connect it to a computer.

With this great built-in conversion, it’s hard to see why you might need WALTR HEIC Converter.

What’s HEIF? And why would you use it instead of JPEG?

In short – HEIF is a more compact and better format than JPG. HEIF (a.k.a High-Efficiency Image File Format) — is the still-image version of the HEVC (a video format in H.265). The beauty of HEIF is that when saved – they take up half the size of JPG images + in better quality. As a result, you can save 2x more photos on your device before you’re out of space. This is made possible because the technology evolved and it’s now more powerful. Compression of images is far more advanced than what it was back in 1992 when JPEG was created.

Since HEIF makes Live Photos easy, Can it replace GIF?

Yes – Since HEIF is ideal for Live Photos created using your iPhone, it can easily replace GIF. The advantage is that HEIF is not just a file format. It’s actually a container for files (kind of like MKV for videos). For example, a JPG photo is a single frame whereas a HEIF can hold a sequence of photos.

And best of all – HEIF supports colours up to 16-bit (jpeg only supports 8-bit colour).



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