Softorino YouTube Converter FAQ

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Softorino YouTube Converter below.

What does Softorino YouTube Converter do?

Softorino Youtube Converter is developed for a specific purpose of downloading Youtube videos & audio to watch them or listen offline on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or your Mac computer.

What is the key feature of Softorino YouTube Converter?

We’re confident that the key feature is the ability to convert any youtube video directly into your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch without having to use iTunes. This is the first ever app to do this.

Where do the files go after converting to iPhone and how do you access them?

All imported media goes straight into your default apps that are developed by Apple.

  • Example for downloading Video from Youtube to iPhone: If you convert a video file, let’s say it’s a compilation of your favourite kitten videos – it will be available in your native Videos app.

  • Example for downloading Audio from Youtube to iPhone: If you convert just the audio, let’s say it’s the latest Taylor Swift music video – it can be played directly from the native Music app.

How much does Softorino YouTube Converter cost? Or is it free?

Softorino Youtube Converter license costs $19.95 for a lifetime license! But there’s an option to continue using it in trial mode when you first launch the app. And it doesn’t cost a dime to download Youtube videos to your Mac and get downloads of youtube videos directly to your iPhone or iPad when you use the trial.

…You can always share the love by spreading the word out via Twitter, Facebook and of course, YouTube :D

After downloading YT music/videos to an iOS device and then syncing with iTunes, it’s all gone, why?

This happens because you probably have iTunes Wi-fi sync enabled and ‘Automatically sync with iTunes’ enabled inside iTunes itself.

It’s just that if you have ‘music & videos synced’ then all content transferred with any third party app will be removed – this is the logic of general iTunes sync – it overrides everything. To avoid this, please enable the checkbox: ‘manage music and videos manually’.

How can I remove videos that I transferred to with Softorino YouTube Converter?

In the iOS 10.2 update all the videos you download with Softorino YouTube Converter go to the ‘Home Videos’ section inside the (for now is only available in North America). There 2 ways you can remove them:

First Option:

  1. Go into the > Downloaded
  2. Tap & hold on the “downloaded” message
  3. Select ‘Remove Download’
First way
First way

Second Option (if you have many files to remove):

  1. Go to Settings > Storage & iCloud Usage
  2. Tap on Manage Storage >
  3. Swipe to the left on any file you would like to remove

You can also hit “edit” at the top right corner to make it even easier.

Second way
Second way


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